The Fertiliser Industry

The fertiliser industry has two leading member bodies:

  • The Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA)
  • Fertilizer Australia (FA).

AFSA represent the Fertiliser Services Industry.

When we describe the Fertiliser Services Industry we include businesses that distribute manufactured and naturally occurring fertiliser products, transport and store fertilisers, sell and provide advice on the use of fertilisers or are involved with the spreading and application of fertiliser and soil ameliorate products

Fertilizer Australia represents the larger corporate companies that import fertilisers from overseas, source fertilisers from within Australia and manufacture products for use locally and overseas.

Fertilizer Australia's role is to effectively manage issues that are common to members, where an industry wide approach is likely to be more effective than the actions of individual companies.

AFSA and FA co-operate on major industry initiatives such as:

  • Fertcare and Accu-spread
  • Annual industry conferences
  • Key projects to harness knowledge and available skills.



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