Accu-Spread® Model

Accu-Spread® helps optimise the return on fertilizer and machinery investments. Testing involves driving an operating spreader over a line of collection trays, weighing the contents of each tray and calculating the variation in spread pattern to determine an acceptable bout width (distance between the runs).

Using the Accu-Spread Model, graphs inform the operator the bout width to produce an acceptable spread pattern.

Spreader testing procedure:

Accu-spread graphs explained:

Cost to download the model:

Members (AFSA & Fertilizer Australia members): $15 GST Incl per test Non-Member: $30 GST Incl per test. A test is regarded as one set of tray weights entered into the model to generate a bout width and other graphs. The number of tests is nominated when access to the Accu-Spread model is purchased. The Excel spreadsheet will cease to operate after the nominated number of tests have been entered into the spreadsheet.

Once an order is placed (following successful credit card payment), you will be shown an order confirmation page including purchase codes to activate the spreadsheet. It is important you note these codes and keep them safe.

Anyone is welcome to access the Accu-Spread model and test equipment, however for Accu-Spread certification, equipment must be tested by an authorised Accu-spread Testing Officer.

The Accu-Spread model is the property of AFSA and forms part of the Fertcare joint Venture assets. The information contained in the Acc-Spread model, while believed to be true and accurate at the time of publication, is subject to change. You should always seek updated technical advice before taking any action, as many factors contribute to achieving an acceptable spread pattern. Liability for any errors or omissions is excluded by AFSA, its directors and employees.

Accu-Spread tray:

Each AFSA state branch has a trailer fitted out with trays, scales and measuring cups. Some of these trailers are available for hire.

Contact details for each AFSA state branch is available below:

Spreader improvement modifications:

Modifications to improve the performance of spreaders can be undertaken by equipment supplier spreader technicians and Accu-Spread Testing Officers; the costs associated with any modifications or repairs to the spreader are agreed between the parties.

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