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Servicing Agriculture for 45 years
The Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) is a group of dedicated members who manufacture, distribute, sell, store, transport, spread or give advice on fertiliser or soil ameliorant products.
  • commenced in 1972 and has put into place an Industry Code of Practice that addresses the main operation areas of its members.  The industry product stewardship program, Fertcare, provides training and accreditation for the code.
  • represents the industry to State and Federal govenments and other stakeholders on issues that affect the agricultural industry.  This enables the farming community to continue to be productive through correct and proper fertiliser use.
  • provides for its members an opportunity to meet and operate with other members to improve the services and products provided to our clients through annual State and National conferences and regular communication.


  • has in excess of 200 members registered throughout Australia and is recognised by Government Agricultural agencies to be one of the most progressive Associations in agriculture, meeting the needs of our  members, their clients and the industry as a whole.


Keeping updated with AFSA 

We have recently implemented a new communication strategy for AFSA members, which includes fortnightly email updates, text messages and various other activities.

To find out more or how you can make the most of this, please contact Krysteen McElroy our Executive Officer on mobile 0408 655 108 or

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