Welcome to the Australian Fertiliser Services Association

The Australian Fertiliser Services Association, AFSA, is the industry body for professionals who manufacture, distribute, sell, store, transport, spread or provide advice on the use of fertilisers or soil ameliorate products. Formed in 1972, having a national structure with members in all states, AFSA is recognised by governments, both federal and state as well as other key industry stakeholders as an industry leader.

For some 40 years the Association has represented the interests of its members to Government and the industry generally. It has effective relationships with the key agricultural agencies and representative bodies and it actively promotes the sustainable use of fertilisers and soil ameliorates.

This web site provides information not only for members but for potential members and industry participants. It is a window for the wider community to look into and better understand the role played by this important agricultural industry sector. 

AFSA - Supporting our members, protecting the environment and helping improve productivity.

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