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Staff Management can be overwhelming for those who are running small businesses and for this reason we have put together some information that may assist AFSA members with this process.


Part 1 in a series of articles developed from the Upskilling & Business Building workshops delivered by Ali Uren from KiikStart and AFSA.


Firstly, it is important when employing staff that you look at the person and not just their skills.  Initially, you will need to make sure that your interview questions can determine how people interact with others.  This will be an important attribute for you to be aware of when they begin working with other staff and clients.


What resources do you need to make sure you are getting the right staff? 

You cannot expect your staff to perform to the best of their ability, or to meet your requirements, if you are not providing the resources and information for them to do so.


Job Descriptions

·         Show potential staff that you are organised and professional

·         Make sure each team member is aware of their role and the purpose of that role – essentially, how they fit in the business

·         Provide accountability by allowing performance and outcomes to be reviewed regularly

·         Should focus on behaviour and manner as much as techical skills – they should look at not only the task but also the manner that the task will be undertaken

·         Need to be updated every 12-18 months to keep in line with the business growth/changing


Staff Induction

Induction should be undertaken through a learning and development approach.  This may be done by using a flowchart or timeline that gives key milestones to be met before moving onto the next action/role.


The induction process should include:

·         Identification and explanation of key services and products that the business provides

·         Identification of suppliers and industry partners that are important to the business

·         Identification of key clients and their business/expectations

·         Brief outline of business history

·         How the service/product is delivered from start to finish (what processes and systems do you have in place?)

·         Introduction to other team members and expected standard of conduct and way of working together

·         Safety and wellbeing expectations

·         Explanation of policies of business – mobile phones, alcohol and drugs,private use of vehicles etc


Staff Training and Development

It will be important for you to meet with each staff member to

·         Assess any skill gaps against the current business plan and their job description.

·         Understand what they want to achieve in the next 12 months – what is their motivation?


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