Fertiliser Road Side spills


This is a timely warning to all involved in fertilizer transport and handling to reduce the risk of fertilizer spills and waste.

Please remind relevant staff and transport contractors to clean out bulk tippers at the point of unloading where possible. All fertilizer spills must be contained and promptly cleaned up. Arrive clean and leave clean is a good motto to work by.

Unfortunately, fertilizer spills on roadsides are far too common. Not only are these spills a potential environment and traffic risk making roads slippery when wet, they can also have serious consequence for some in the community. Recently a horse valued at $5,000 was killed from urea poisoning on a roadside that was also a stock route. Fortunately, quick action was able to save two other animals from death. Cattle, horses and wildlife only need to ingest small amounts of urea to experience toxicity.  

Clearly the practice of cleaning fertilizer out of a tipper and leaving the product on the roadside is unacceptable and must stop. In most instances the best place to clean out is at the point of unloading.

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Jeff Kraak

Fertcare Program Manager

5th March 2018

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