Passion is fantastic, but persistence is the key - Amy Wyer, Fertspread (NSW member)


Amy Wyer has grown up in the fertiliser industry, with one of her earliest memories being an AFSA tour to Jenolan Caves, “We took a bus and the cardboard cut-out Incitec Super Man came with us.

We took it home and it stayed in our office for years. It’s great to be part of something that you’ve grown up with and seen develop over the years - both the company and the association” recalls Amy.

Paul Wyer, Amy’s father, began the family company, Fertspread, in 1993 with the goal to supply, deliver and spread chemical and organic fertiliser for the broadacre farming community in Gunning, New South Wales. The Wyers now have a team of roughly 25 working with them at any one time to ensure they are delivering a quality product and service.

The Wyer family believe that seeing results is one of the most rewarding parts of their job, “We see the pasture improvement, we see farmers be able to feed their stock and ultimately we see the customer reap the rewards – it doesn’t get much better than that! Knowing that you made a difference and helped improve Australian agriculture is a very satisfying result. We are part of the food chain, we help feed the country. The value that agriculture and those involved create is second to none” said Amy.
Amy joined the team on a full time basis after completing a Bachelor of Commerce at ANU in Canberra, majoring in Business Information Systems and working as a professional services graduate for an IT service provider.

Her main role at Fertspread is Business Development Manager, which involves improving the systems and processes within the business for continued growth and efficiency. However, as with all small businesses, there are the additional responsibilities that come with any role and for Amy these include managing the accounts, the HR, the logistics on their organic products, the WHS policy and maintaining all IT systems.

Having a passion for any industry is sometimes difficult to maintain, particularly in hard times but Amy believes that persistence is the key, “Passion is fantastic. It’s the fire in your belly, it gives you that drive, it sets those goals. But at the end of the day it’s nothing without persistence. Things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows (last year we had 4 months of almost zero income due to wet weather in NSW). The rough times happen and when they do it’s not the passion I rely on, it’s the ability to persist.”

According to Amy, hard work, dedication and time are very important factors to success “Qualifications are great, however there is a lot to be said for experience and this is something I can only hope to achieve with hard work, dedication and time. When someone much older than you, with many more years experience, and a great deal more knowledge says to you – “back in my day…” Listen to them. As technology improves and qualifications continue to sound great, the basic principles do not change. The work ethic, the commitment, the hours of work required and the hurdles will all be factors you will have to contend with. Learning from those who have succeeded before you could be the best education gained.“

However, saying this, Amy has also completed Fertcare Level B which she has found to be extremely beneficial as it has given her a broad understanding of agronomy and enabled Amy to further understand the impact of their products and with this the passion to complete agronomy courses in the future.

Her qualifications have also enabled Amy to upgrade the programs that Fertspread relies on to ensure they can cater for further growth and she believes that their GPS and mapping facilities, accounting system, CRM and Vehicle Maintenance Systems are all extremely important to their business’ bottom line.

Fertspread has been able to expand into new areas such as the Hunter Valley Region and nearer to Gunnedah because of their ability to work as a team and their support of one another, which is something they are very proud of. Fertspread functions because accounts, sales, maintenance and operations can all work together seamlessly which also means that they will not succeed because of just one person but as a team. They have been able to achieve the goals they have set because of the commitment and dedication of those in each section of the business.

As secretary of the NSW committee, another goal that Amy has is to set up an industry wide safety platform for all of AFSA members to utilise and this has driven her to take on the development of the WHS monitor project with Rod Abbott. Amy believes that “Work Health and Safety is something that small businesses need to be made aware of. One, for the safety of their employees and two, for the safety of the company. Dealing with issues around negligence is not an ideal hurdle whilst trying to grow your business. If the WHS Monitor System can streamline policy and procedure and therefore minimise risk for staff and business owners, I will consider the time well spent. “

When she is not working in the fertiliser industry, 25 year old Amy and her boyfriend enjoy spending time at their home in Canberra with their much loved Malamute dog, Yepa, which means winter princess in one of the Alaskan languages.

For more information contact Amy Wyer at Fertspread:

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